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Why am I teaching this? A little about me....
Believe it or not, WEIGHT and BODY issues are the hardest topics for parents to discuss with their children
As  parents, it’s a horrible feeling being stuck not knowing what to say… will what you say help? I’m a believer that most parents who are trying typically know what to say in hard situations. BUT, when it comes to the topic of weight issues and health we get stuck. We are unsure of how to be helpful in our comments. We are not certain how to help our child  achieve a healthier future. How can you do this in the most simple, productive, and loving manner? Let me make this easy for you! The great part is once you have registered you will have lifetime access to this seminar. So, if you can't attend live you will still have full access- yay!  
Come Join this "How to Talk Health and Weight Loss with Kids" Online Seminar by Dr Drew June 26th from 6-8:30pm
Register me NOW for only $27
$22 if you're a TRIBE member!
Can't make the live seminar? No problem, we can send you the recording.
Who is this seminar for?
 Parents who want to prevent most weight issues for their young children. Parents who have a kiddo that is struggling with current weight issues. It is also very helpful for teachers, coaches, and mentors.

I’m a positive person but being positive doesn’t mean avoiding tough conversations. It means looking at the actual truth and figuring out positive plans that lead to strong outcomes. This is what I want to teach you as a parent. How to avoid AVOIDING and feel confident in addressing a hard issue while leading to super positive results. It does take work but it’s work that will pay huge dividends in your kid’s future. 
So what's Included?
  • How to actually shift your perspective on positive health. If you have any biases towards people who have weight issues we will help you shift that bias in a productive manner.
  •  If we don’t discuss weight then what do we address? This doesn’t mean we are being “too soft” with our kiddos; rather, we will learn exactly how to start talking with our kids from a young age about health. We will help you empower your kid to want to be healthy and not need to think about weight- yes this is possible. 
  • I will help you understand how to help a kid prevent weight gain, or when they have already gained weight, to make it a family process and not isolate your child because of weight. It has to be a familial endeavor. There are specific strategies you need to learn for this. 
  •  I will help you, as a parent, improve your own nutrition, sleep, and movement. And then, you will learn how to include your child in this process in a non threatening manner. 
  •  I will teach you how to respond when your kids comes to you to talk about weight. I will also equip to listen for signs that your child might be struggling with body image and how you can proactively address it before it’s become a big problem.
  •  You will feel more confident to talk with your local school and other parents about weight issues and health with kids.
I want to register for the seminar!
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