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Transform your health, Transform your life!
Weight Loss that is so Easy you don't feel like you're trying... no need for supplements!
I started with my own transformation of 160 pounds weight loss to now helping thousands achieve and SUSTAIN their desired weight! My approach is so natural, yet so unique. Yes, I teach you what to eat (without dieting), BUT I go way beyond only food and exercise. I teach you a blueprint that looks at combining mental stamina, internal strength, and physical transformation. My Health Made Easy Method is cutting edge and not taught anywhere else in the world! 
Shayna Before... 

  •  "I had just gone to the doctor and he said he wanted to put me on high blood pressure medication. I was 23. My family has a long history of heart disease and I figured I was next in line"
  • I felt extremely guilty anytime I ate something that I knew I shouldn't, in fact there was a lot of 'shouldn't' in my life"
  •  "I was always tired and uncomfortable in my clothing. When I sat down, I felt like I had to readjust my shirt to try to hide my body"
  •  "I spent most of my work day just wanting to go home so I could sit on the couch and watch t.v. and eat. The thought of doing 'adventurous" things sounded exhausting"
Shayna's After 
I was happy before I lost the weight, but I was missing opportunities. Before when people would talk about fun adventures my first thought would be that I couldn't do it. I knew my body would give up before the adventure was over.  I didn't want to pass out on a hike and then have to get evacuated by a helicopter. Since I lost the weight (and got my sleep, nutrition, and movement in order) I leap at the opportunity to do fun things. I find that I don't get sick as often and I even had really quick recoveries from having my last 2 kids. I was taking care of my body and my body was functioning better because of it. 
    The Struggle is Real... but its NOT you who is Failing. 
    Read my story of how I lost 160 pounds, sustained my changes, and developed a revolutionary model to HELP you CONQUER your struggle with weight! 
    Just Real Quick... Before you go into my story you should probably have a quick overview of what's in this cutting edge course ... Weight Loss and Beyond using the Health Made Easy Method. This is a very brief overview but check it out.. 
    1. Detailed (sustainable) Plans to Eliminate All Confusion- Made to adjust to YOUR needs! Focuses on specific needs as a WOMEN! 
    2. Food Truth Course: the basics of nutrition 
    3. Common Denominator Course: the one thing that is the common thread through all healthy women 
    4. 30 Day Restore Course: tools to revitalize your energy 
    5. Conquer Night Eating Course: how to stay steady the whole day 
    6. Reverse Habits Course: changing ruts into grooves
    7. Restorative Sleep Course: sleep affects everything 
    8. Complete Body Awareness Course: How to be your own best health provider 
    9. Live Group with Dr Drew 1x a month
    10. Q and A with Dr Drew 1x a month
    11. "100 Super Foods" report
    12. Access to closed Facebook Group
    13. Office Hour with Dr Drew 2x a month
    Before figuring out how to lose 160 pounds and keeping it off my life seemed to be going well. At least it was going good so long as I wasn't pushed out of my comfort zone. I realized I actually felt comfortable if I knew I could avoid having to do much movement. But, many thoughts came to me of "what do I want my future to be like with my kids."

     I was at a point where I wasn't going to have ability to fully engage with my children. That killed me inside. I was able to put on my happy face and go work hard. However, even when working I didn't know how I was going to be much of an example for my clients. It was really playing on my self-confidence and belief in my ability to help and influence others. Whether that was true or not, it's how I felt. 

    It all came crashing down on me when I was trying got ski down a mountain and I could only make it one run down before I had to quit. It was horrible. I was humiliated and embarrassed. The moment came where I just blurted out, "I have to change. I'm changing NOW!" 
    The problem I then faced was what diet was I supposed to follow to make the change. I wanted to lose weight as quick as I could and keep it off. I didn't want to have to redo a diet or try a new one ever again. It was so hard to figure out what would actually work. Everyone seemed to have an opinion. The more I researched the more I became confused and frustrated. I was so motivated to change. I was trying what I could but felt helpless. Everyday felt like I was learning something that contradicted what I learned the previous day. It honestly all seemed complicated and focused only on getting me to lose weight and then left to gain it all back. 

    There was a moment when I said to myself, "Wait, I am studying psychology and I can start studying nutrition while I'm finishing my doctorate and just figure this all out." I literally shifted my career to health psychology focus and became a certified fitness nutrition specialist. I was certain that I would research every last bit of what actually worked. I wanted to know how I could do everything I needed from every angle to relieve myself of this internal pain I was experiencing. I actually started with looking at how to really change undesired habits. Then I looked at the importance of having positive supports around. It then occurred to me that I needed to understand which foods were actually good for me and I could ENJOY. I started looking at sustaining motivation and the psychological factors involved. I was really going at it. I started to lose weight. It was working and then bam I hit a plateau. This confused me. I was working out more and more. I was eating very strict. What had happen? I was falling right into that whole 90% fail rate for diets. And then I realized, I was stressing myself out so much over losing weight. I had gotten off to a good start but I was misfocused and if I didn't change my focus quickly I was about to gain it all back. I noticed that all the literature talked about this and that diet working unless stress was a factor. Ah-ha... I was totally stressing myself out. I wasn't really looking at how my sleep was playing part in my journey. I wasn't using mindfulness to keep my nervous system calm and improve my metabolism. I wasn't connecting all the dots from mindful eating to really enjoying the process. I was hung up on calorie counting. I shifted my focus and it was like hitting a pot of gold. This was a pot of gold that felt endless. The more I dug into this pot the more it gave me. I then started to write down everything that was working. I was focusing on small transitions everyday. I was focusing on improving my energy during the afternoon. The process became enjoyable. The weight started to come way down and life felt so empowering. I then became passionate about how can I make this work for others. I quickly learned that it wasn't going to work exactly the same for others. Each person was very different. So then I realized that if I just keep taking notes on what works for everyone I would find common threads. I would find the golden thread that connected through everyone. After thousands of hours of digging, observing, studying, practicing, and listening I began to created a model that at first I called "The Weight Loss Language." But after time went on that seemed too complicated. After all, my mission was to help people see that real sustainable weight loss and health transformation was EASY! I changed the model to the Healthy Made Easy Method. This is a method, not a program or a diet. 

    You see this journey isn't about me. It really is about you. It's about polishing this method so that everyone that wants to change can have the most clear steps to create a personalized plan to long lasting success. I have found over the past decade that prescribing one weight loss plan to everyone will not work. Instead, I created a method through which you can learn that the answers you are looking for are right inside of you. The truth is YOU are the answer. Just like I learned by searching for so many external answers it wasn't going to work that way. I needed to find the right steps and take them. Well, now I have found the most effective steps and you get to choose which ones feel best for you. This journey has humbled me and taught me to always be learning. I am always learning from the thousands with whom I've taught. I cannot wait to hear about your story! It all starts with one small step. 
    Thousands of People Have Lost Weight With Dr Drew......
    So What Does this Course Look Like?
    -9 Indispensable Guiding Principles : Dr Drew gets you warmed up with the knowledge you need to understand the psychology and motivational tips behind the work you will be doing. This guiding principles are NOT rules, but they are guide rails to help you make sustainable change. 
    Effective Awareness - Making Sense of Your Data, in order to create your individualized/ adaptable health plan you must first understand the data. You will be taught what to track and learn you don’t have to track forever! You will be taught a simple system that you can use and Dr Drew can help you easily analyze and understand. We focus a lot on building you up and not tearing you down. 
    Mindfulness- How you can start a quick and easy mindfulness practice. This is key to sustainable health. You don’t have to be a meditation guru but you will want to learn basic principles. This is critical in feeling empowered in your overall health! 
    Hydration- We will help you take control of your hydration and get you hydrated from the get go. If you are well hydrated you will quadruple (4x) your chances of reaching your health goals! 
    Welcome to the Tribe- We will make sure you are plugged in to your closed and private Facebook group. This is very important because if you have a positive support network you are 4X more likely to reach your health goals! 

    Food Truth Course- You will be given a very in depth course that teaches 15 core principles about proper nutrition. You will also be given many recipes that correlate to each meal of the day, including snacks. Dr Drew will not tell you every meal you have to eat, instead he teaches you the real truth about food, gives you tons of easy recipes and then empowers you to choose wisely! If you are able to have some choice in your nutrition intake you are much more likely to SUSTAIN your health changes. 
    Common Denominator Course- You will be given a course that teaches the truth about Fiber, which is the common denominator among people with healthy lifestyles. You will be taught the 30 most effective natural sources of dietary fiber. You will also receive very fun and easy to make recipes that are high in fiber. You will learn how this helps with brain, body, and weight loss. You will also learn how to properly increase your fiber intake. 
    Conquer Night Eating Course- This is a big problem for many people. You eat well all and then implode at night. This course will be very helpful in not only overcoming night eating but also creating overall balance in your day. 
    Continuance-You will continue to analyze your data and learn to make changes to what you are doing. You will be given options to start making simple changes with all of the information you receive. Dr Drew is about over delivering but also making everything you learn actionable. Thus, there is tons of information but he will make it clear about what steps to be taking! His goal is to make you a master of YOU… to fully and truly empower you to take charge of your life! 

    Week 3 
    Create Positive Relationship with Food/ Complete Body Awareness Course- You will be given a course that teaches you portion control, mindful eating, mood eating, and how to have a positive relationship with food. This course is crucial in long term health. You will learn to be in control and also how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Dr Drew does not believe people can happily sustain good health if they don’t find out how to enjoy the lifelong process. He teaches just this in his cutting edge course. 
    Restorative Sleep- Many do not realize the power of actual restorative sleep. Whether you have kids in the home or not Dr Drew will help you get the right amount of sleep and conquer barriers that are preventing your sleep from energizing you. 
    Continuance-Dr Drew will be helping you get more and more specific on your plans. As you continue to learn and lose weight you will also continue to adapt and incorporate new information. Objectively learning about yourself and what you need is absolutely imperative to long- term health. 
    You will have likely experienced an “Office Hour” with Dr Drew by this time. This happens the second Monday of every month. Dr Drew discusses some of the cutting edge information he is creating, specific obstacles his students are experiencing, and more critical information. 

    Week 4
    Restore and Revitalize Course- Fatigue gets so many of us off track with our health goals. Dr Drew will help you you battle the fatigue and come out on top! In this course Dr Drew will teach you how to quickly gain back your energy from sun up to sun down. When we are fatigued a lot we have a lot of cortisol in our body which makes it so much easier to gain weight. Overcoming this fatigue is crucial in order to get your metabolism revved up and you moving more! 
    Habit Reversal Course- Habits have everything to do with everything. You’d be surprise to learn how much of your choices are drive by habits. Dr Drew teaches you the art and science of how to identify what habits are holding you back, how you can learn from them, and then how to reverse them. He will also teach you specific principles to add new habits in to any part of your day. 
    Continuance- By this point of the course you likely will have experienced a Q&A session with Dr Drew, which take place the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. This is where students are allowed to submit specific questions and Dr Drew will go in depth to answer these. This is exclusive to you and other students. 
    The 4th Thursday of every month Dr Drew does a live group chat. In this he will address questions, concerns, and cutting edge tips and tricks. This is exclusive to you and other students. Keep in mind that Q&A sessions, Office Hour, and Group Chat will all be recorded so you can view at your own leisure. 

    Week 5
    Movement- Dr Drew will help you understand the art and science of getting yourself to move more frequently. Movement doesn’t have to be intense exercise. He will teach you to learn to love what you are doing for movement. 
    Advanced Mindfulness Course- Dr Drew will teach you advanced mindfulness skills. Though the skills we remain simple, he will dive down deeper to help you increase your abilities and feel more and more in control of stress, decisions, and life. 
    Continuance- Dr Drew will continue to help you analyze your data and adjust your plans. As you are learning so much information you will be inclined to implement every little piece, which is not necessary. Dr Drew is always teaching you how to implement what you need and make your own individualized game plan. 

    Week 6
    Sustainability- Dr Drew teaches you to how to think long term while focusing on the now. This is tricky but can be mastered if correctly approached. Dr Drew does not care about short term results that fade away. He wants you to really conquer this for life. You will learn the tips and strategies needed to make this a lifelong journey. 
    Adapting Plans- Very close to sustainability principles is adaptability. Learning how to effectively adapt yet balance the principle of consistency and grit is truly a core principle. 
    Continuance- You will have attended more Q&A and Office hours with Dr Drew. These are very important as you will see other's struggles and how to conquer barriers. Many of these challenges will likely relate to you. Furthermore, you will be able to submit your questions too! 
    The Tribe- You will also be actively engaged with many other members of the Tribe and networking with other who are improving their health, losing weight, and learning the art and science of Healthy Made Easy. 

    Week 7
    Redefining You Why- At this point you will be changing your perspective on health. Dr Drew will help walk you through rethinking why you are wanting to achieve health and how to set new goals and plans. You will continue looking at your personal data from a new perspective. 
    Advanced Mindful Eating Course- You will learn how to increase your mindful eating skills and increase your positive relationship with your body and your food.

    Week 8
    Transitions- Life is about learning how to transition throughout your day, week, and month. When you learn how to create balance through smooth transition you feel more in control, increase metabolism, and more fully enjoy the process. 
    Advanced Food Truth- Dr Drew will deliver to you more in depth principles about diet and food myths and what you should be focused on when it comes to refining your healthy eating. This is key as you progress forward you will want more and more ideas of how to enjoy healthy foods! You will want more and more education on the topic. 
    Group Chat- You will have attended another group chat by this point. Remember, these are recorded in the event you cannot attend live. These are super powerful and packed with dynamic information and answers. 

    Week 9
    Owning Your Morning- There are many ideas out there of how to create the “perfect” morning, but as Dr Drew teaches you cannot always have a perfect morning. Instead, Dr Drew will teach you how to start off on top of your day and the power it will have in your life. 
    Owning Your Evening- Dr Drew will help you understand how you can control your evenings, even if you you are stacked with other activities. There are many strategies you can implement to still feel in control. 
    Continuance- You will have attended more Q&A and Officer hour sessions. Make sure you are tuning in to these and submitting questions. 

    Week 10
    Power of Variation- A crucial piece to the long term health puzzle is learning variation. So many diets and programs fail people because they are rigid and neglect the individualized needs. You will be taught how to change things up and always keep your healthy lifestyle fresh. 
    Giving Without Pushing- When you are helping others in their journey and being a mentor you must learn how to do so without losing friends and harming relationships. It’s vital to understand how to help change other’s lives without scaring them away. Dr Drew will help you understand this vital principle. 
    Your plans will continue to shift and become more personable. Dr Drew will help you learn what steps are of most importance at this point. 

    Week 11
    Balance- This week is all about balance. Often times people get hyper focused on health and forget other aspects of life. This is a normal process but if you do not learn to notice it and work with it you will ultimately burn out and not have good life balance. Dr Drew will also teach you life balance in other areas of life.

    Week 12
    Advanced Guiding Principles- We will go into depth on advanced guiding principles that will help you have the mentality of long term health beyond your weight loss. 
    Building Your Guiding Principles- You will be taught how to create your own guiding principles. Remember, these are not rules, rather they are important principles that give solid theory to everything you are doing. 
    You will have attended more Q&A, Group Chat, and Office Hour sessions with Dr Drew. 

    Week 13
    Making it Sustainable! You will be given some bonus days to make sure that your plans for long term success are put in to place. You will be given opportunity to assure that you have all you need in place to keep learning, losing weight, and sustaining long term health! 

    So What Are You Waiting For?? Let's Get Started!
    "I learned many new concepts to improve my life. I got lots of great ideas and made paradigm shifts. Many key principles of a healthier lifestyle were taught. I know know where I need to start, what I need to focus on, and I am very motivated!” — Melinda Bridenstine

    “Very Motivating! Very excited to be involved!  I can not thank you enough.” — Alexandra Dayan

    “I loved learning the techniques to calm the nervous system.” — Marisa Foote

    “[A] helpful part was the ‘6 techniques to calm my brain’. It was immediately felt. Also the idea that it’s ok for me to start with something simple, something small that I know I can and will do for myself gave me the nudge I needed to begin to take care of my body. It took the “enormity & overwhelmingness out of change, so that I can now begin. Every component was helpful to bring about my desired outcome.” — Vickie Johnson
    *Money Back Guarantee: If you do not lose any weight during the 90 days of this package you will be given your money back, so long as you adequately demonstrate the following. 1. You have watched every video and instruction included in this package. 2. You have attended every Q&A , whether it be live or replay. 3. You have attended every office hour, whether it be live or replay. 4. You have completed every worksheet involved and actively work towards the goals and plans set. These worksheets will need to be sent to Dr Drew and his team in order to receive the refund. 5. If it has been 30 days and you have not seen progress you must email Dr Drew at informing him, and his team, that you have not seen progress. 6. 
    The refund can only be requested after the 90 days that you have participated in the program, after which you will have 5 days to ask for refund. 
    By participating in this material you acknowledge that this is not psychotherapy, nor group psychotherapy. If you are dealing with symptoms related to a psychiatric diagnosis you must work with a licensed professional in your own state. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, or any emergency, you must immediately contact local authorities or go to the nearest emergency room. All work in this course is strictly focused on strength based coaching and will not engage in psychotherapy. 
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